The China List is a membership website that builds a bridge between Hollywood and China to foster collaboration in film, TV, and internet content.

I’m Caryn – the founder of The China List. Why did I create this site? First a little background. I went to the University of Hong Kong, worked in the Chinese film business and can speak Chinese. I created this website to foster collaboration between the East and West.

Stage one of this adventure is a screenplay database.  Screenwriters can join the paid membership and input their screenplay information – logline, cast size, locations and much more. We don’t allow synopsis or screenplay uploads /downloads. We put the writer in control of who reads their scripts.

Industry Professionals will be invited to search the database to find suitable scripts that have Chinese elements or themes. Based on an intriguing logline, script information or writer’s bio – Industry Professionals can reach out to writers by email to request a script or synopsis.

Does a script need to qualify as a Chinese co-production to reap the benefits of The China List? 

Not at all. Many Chinese producers / financiers are keen to invest in films that may not qualify as a co-production. And many western producers / financiers are keen to work with China. If your script has some Chinese element, there is a good chance you can attract producers and financiers from the East and West without being a co-production.

Why niche down to scripts with a Chinese element or theme? There are a few screenplay hosting sites out there (The Black List, Ink Tip, Selling Your Screenplay).  But none of these sites focus on China. The China List cuts through the noise and focuses on a niche audience – those engaged in the Chinese film and TV industry.

In the future – I hope to add a feature film database for filmmakers to connect with sales and distribution companies. Another adventurous plan includes creating mastermind groups from the East and West where people of different cultures can brainstorm ideas, think bigger and achieve success.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure. The first step is to get your project in front of the right people.

Let the journey begin!


Caryn McCann 马恒驰

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