The China List exists as a platform to connect the Hollywood and Chinese film and television industries to foster collaboration. Our vision is to create opportunities for teamwork between the East and West. 

Unlike other databases – The China List is focused on content that has a  Chinese element that will appeal to a worldwide audience. 

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Screenwriter and Author FAQs

Click the “How to Work with Us” tab on the homepage. Find the box that says “Writers do you want to sell a script or get representation?” and click the “Register Now” button.

To encourage membership, we will for a limited time – offer a flat rate of $15 a month for writers to input as many log lines as well as script information (genre, cast size, budget etc.) as they like.

As there are thousands of production companies worldwide who are keen on getting into the China market – we feel the decision of who reads your IP should be in your hands.

Yes. You should add your contact details to your writer’s profile page.

Yes, all members (paid and complementary) must agree to our terms of service. Qualified producers and talent reps will enjoy complimentary membership.

Ideas cannot be copyrighted. No website, producer, agent or manger can make guarantees about securing your story idea. That is why you should not only register your script in the U.S. with the copyright office – but also with China’s copyright office.  This is one reason we put the decision of sending your script out – in your hands.

Not at all. You will look like a writer that is productive.

We will have a Facebook page you can join. We are also looking to starting a Forum for our members.

This allows producers and talent reps to target the scripts they are hoping to find.

While logged in, click “Screenplay List”. There you will find your screenplay dashboard. You can submit the new details or delete the script information from the database.

No, cancellations do not incur refunds for unused time. Note: we do not offer a yearly membership at this time.

Script information

Besides the log line you can add information regarding genre, budget, a video URL, attached talent list, cast size, equality & diversity elements, Location numbers (few, several, many etc.) as well as main filming locations (USA, China, Hong Kong etc.).

No, you will only be able to view your writer’s page. We do this for privacy for all our writer members.

Your log lines should preferably be only one or two simple sentences. Producers like to pitch scripts to financiers that are easy to pitch in a few sentences.

Yes. Log lines (and by extension scripts) that contain pornography will be rejected. See our Terms of Service.


You should register your script. You should not only register your script in the U.S. with the copyright office – but also with China’s copyright office

You cannot copyright an idea. You can protect your idea by copyrighting the screenplay in the US and (if applicable) in China. You should keep records of who you send your script to.

Registered members only. These are producers and their development staff, managers, agents and a select few others with the right credentials.

Members create their own passwords as part of the registration process. If you have lost your password or user ID, please email us.

Log into your account and go to Your Account. Scroll to the bottom. You should find a Close Account button. Clicking on this will start the process of deleting your account. Please note; all your content will be removed if you do this and cannot be reinstated.

Industry Professional FAQ’s

All placements on the site have at least a logline available for viewing. It’s up to the writer to make their full resume / bio available. An email system is available on the site so you easily send a message to the writer requesting a script or synopsis.

No, producers and talent representatives will enjoy free membership.
Writers can only input log lines and script information. You can contact the writer directly to request a synopsis or screenplay.

Many produced and unproduced screenwriters can be found on The China List website by registering.

Prior to listing script information on The China List all writers provide us with a signed copy of these Terms of Service

When you have your clients log lines posted on our website, you can alert producers to find writers and targeted scripts on The China List. You don’t have to mail scripts to producers or pay courier fees. The producer can request the script directly from the writer on our website.
Register with us and we will give your application careful consideration.
Yes. There is a ‘favorite’ section on the industry professionals’ dashboard.
Free membership is only available for producers. If you wish to add your own script’s log lines or information – you will need to pay for membership.