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We strongly urge you to register your scripts with the US Copyright office. We also suggest if you plan to send your script to potential buyers in China – you should register with China’s copyright office.  Here is an article to help you register your work in China:

Important information regarding contacting Industry Professionals.

An industry professional can contact you directly to request a synopsis or script. You can also see which industry professionals have viewed your script information /writer’s bio.  Contacting an industry professional who has viewed your screenplay information / bio is prohibited. Industry professionals / producers look at hundreds of log lines a day.  If they view your log line, script information /bio – it does not mean they want to read your script or answer emails / phone calls from those writers.

Having a record of who viewed your screenplay information / bio is a courtesy for the writer.

When a writer violates this user protocol, the trust The China List has built with industry professional members is harmed. This could lead to the industry professional to stop using The China List to search for scripts and /or writers.

Additionally, pornographic material is strictly forbidden.

Lastly, you agree to notify The China List that if through our site you have gained writing work, sold or optioned a script, went into development or found representation. This way we can promote your work and encourage more industry professionals to join our site.

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